Friday, January 15, 2010

A new Start

Well I couldn't hold back any longer,I started the Regal Rooster kit last night,and I'm loving it!Starting a new kit is like opening a fresh can of coffee,I just inhale the new freshness of it all!!Even thro I know it's coffee in that can I love to smell a freshly opened can,just the same with kits,I know whats in that kit but it's the new and fresh that gets me going again,promising I'll stay with it till the last stitch,oh well I'll work on it for a few more days and then I have to work on Days End,Creekside Deer,the Thomas Kinkade-Beyond Spring Gate,My SAL Stocking,Morning Lake,A Brides Prayer,Flowers on Doorknob,plus the needlepoint kit I got for Christmas,I've also been doing a picture of my Dad who passed away in '88,just started it in the summer,you know if I could live long enough to finish everything I have started and want to start,I would live a very long long long time!Not to mention the knitting,quilting,crocheting and canvas work I got going,I think the only thing I really got going is A.D.D.Oh well I enjoy whatever I'm working on at the moment and thats all that matters to me!


  1. I love the feeling of a new start, and I find that if I stitch fast enough, I can finish it and start another new one. The idea of the next new start keeps me inspired, if that makes any sense. For instance, when I was working on the cocker spaniel, and getting tired of it, I would think "yes, but it's almost done - finish this and you can start the Spitfire." It worked!

  2. I love starting new projects too, it;s like a new beginning. I am still working on my sampler and I keep telling myself get it done then you can start the stocking.