Saturday, August 27, 2011

a long time ago!

A long time ago and in a land of make believe I started a stitching blog,thinking I could do it,keep up with it,enjoy it....well reality set in and things became more and more out of my control,so went the stitching blogs,and stitching became something only when I had absolute time for.after moving several times back and forth and losing heart in alot of areas I slowly quit stitching everyday,it became something I could only do at times.
Sometimes husbands can be a hassle,not worth dealing with that in mind I moved in with my 2 was good to be with them,both are single,and room mate together,so being with both of them together was good,then the hubby decides he has to be there everyday...driving me crazy,really aggitating my boys,so with a hat full of promises from him I go back home....his hat must of had a hole in it because within days the promises were gone,missing,lost somewhere between the home of my sons and our again I trot back to the boys(grown men).they take it with a grain of salt and make bets on how early the dear old step dad will show up in the morning....and it was early...the eldest won and realized they never actually put anything up for the bet...but being right was better than anything for him!It indeed was a grand prize for him!Just to get to say I told you so!
after several weeks of coming everyday,like a clock ticking to reach it's distination,he was there,bring something,never coming empty handed,always having a peace offering in hand,the boys growing tired of the back and forth we seemed to be doing,I once again went back home....well you know the rest...just go to the top and start reading again,thats what it is...over and over and over!
Why,I don't know,so I have decided to get back into my stitching,having finishes in my life like I used to,pour myself back into stitching,the only thing I can do and enjoy doing,I have had no finishes in my cross stitch this year,barely making progress on any of it,but I am deciding I will have 1 big finish before the end of the year.I WILL!I have learned I can control me,I can't control him!so I will sew,I will cross stitch ,I will and I don't care what he thinks,If he don't have time for me then how can I be on his time schedule(I know I spelled that wrong)Wow how free that makes me feel,so off the computer and it's needle time!!!silver threads and golden needles may not mend a heart but they sure do feel great to sew with!

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  1. Hi Tina, I'm a new follower to your blog. I hope the stitching keeps you happy! I love it too!