Friday, June 14, 2013

 a quilt top I made for my great nephew Isaiah
 one of my doll houses I have been working on
 inside.wall papered!
 wood floor from coffee stirrers
inside my doll house
 working my fingers to the bone
 wood floor and baseboard made from tongue depressers
 as I work on my doll house I think of my brother,I miss him,i miss all 3 of my brothers,who passed way too soon in life,but recently Joe is always on my mind,he was the true woodworker in the family,the guys he worked with said he was the best trim man in west virginia,and he was,as I work on this I want to show him what i have learned from him,things he taught me that i could apply to minis,i think he would be impressed,i miss JoeMoe my hero so much.

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